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Scholarship - Art - Open Inquiry is a network voluntarily maintained by interested members of the Shin Buddhist community, both priest and lay. It has resulted from the consolidation of several sites dedicated to Jodo Shinshu. Participation is open to everyone regardless of goegraphical location, temple or religious affiliation. is an on-line journal of Shin Buddhism, which seeks to convey the great breadth and depth, which the Pure Land teaching offers to those who are looking for an accessible spiritual path in the modern world.

We welcome all submissions of book reviews, articles, letters, comment and advice. These should be mailed to the Editor, preferably in electronic form (MS Word or PDF). Articles will be accepted if they are broadly concerned with subjects likely to be of interest to Jodo Shinshu followers.

Poets' Corner

Poets' Corner is a new web-site, derived from a previous site that is now closed. It features Shin Buddhist poetry. For a while the only featured contributor was Gregg Heathcote of Newcastle in New South Wales but we are now pleased to announce that we have received a collection of poems from the well-known Jodo Shinshu poet Jerry Bolick, who lives in San Francisco. We are hoping to have more contributors in time. You can shortcut your access to this site by adding the home-page to your 'favorites' or 'bookmarks'.

Music of the Pure Land

We are please to welcome our first contributor to our Pure Land Music site is our good friend Graham Ranft of Canberra. Graham is a Shakuhachi player but most of his pieces on are electronic contributions of great charm and serenity.

Speaking Personally

Most of the material on has a distinctly scholarly emphasis, but we think that a section with a more experiential and personal focus would be welcomed by many readers. Speaking Personally will provide space for those who would like to recount their own spiritual journey for the inspiration and encouragement of others.


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