Kanji for Muryoko

'Infinite Light'

Journal of Shin Buddhism


Myogo created by Graham Ranft, using a photograph of the Honzon at Jokyo-ji, Nara.


Most of the material on this web site has a distinctly scholarly emphasis, but we think that a section with a more experiential and personal focus would be welcomed by many readers. This site will provide space for those who would like to recount their own spiritual journey for the inspiration and encouragement of others.

Perhaps a good example of the kind of work we envisage as being suitable is the book Tariki, Embracing Despair; Discovering Peace by Hiroyuki Itsuki or Naturalness by Kenryo Kanamatsu.

We welcome other contributions but ask only that they be 'on topic' and in keeping with traditional Shin Buddhist sensibilities. Photography, art and other work is also welcome on this site.

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