Kanji for Muryoko

'Infinite Light'

Journal of Shin Buddhism

Chris Morgan


I wish to speak in words
unspoken, of worlds unbroken
of a life bespoken.

speak in person, in first
immersion, the Person
at the final curtain

let me speak, only One
the Supernal Sun
His eternal song
calls all and one

speak His world to all
hide not this world of awe
of The Pure Land,
and the Vows of Pure Law

do not contain my joy
free of karmic decoy
now disgrace is Graced
karma untraced
and Birth is assured

Namu’s inward muse
in Mappo’s centrifuge
our only certain refuge
A prayerful subterfuge

Help calling Help -
helplessly sure
this deepest desire
from the Other Shore

Amida the Power
of One or Another
our sum, and our parts
in Him we recover

Butsu is madness
in maddening times
Samsara is sane to
blind upon blind

but Butsu supernal
‘yond Sara’s suspicion
His Practice supreme
Sara be smitten

the tongue be tied
in Practice another,
a mother, a father
a friend and a lover

the Perfect Other
a powerless self
in perfect accord
heaven and hell.

six saving letters
possess the tongue
musical spheres
praising the Sun

my own when spoken -
Amida’s gift
six rounding tokens

silent bliss, bless begin
my gift is pure
pure sin.

so embrace not,
but be embraced
and leave the round
without a trace

The Vow’s circle unbounded
its centre all where
so every and all
it’s centre of care

only for you,
only for me only Shinran
The Vow set free

aware human birth
rarely repeated
and hearing the call
a fortune mistreated
give yourself
in words begotten
open this gift - you weren’t forgotten

Amida’s Grace, has you now
just breath it in
and deeply bow.

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