Dharmacakra   The Teaching of Zuiken

Zuiken Saizo Inagaki

Zuiken Inagaki (1885-1981)


Zuiken Sensei

Rev. Zuiken Saizo Inagaki (1885-1981) was a student of Rev. Riken Katsura (1872-1944), and was ordained as a priest at the West Hongwanji in 1945. A remarkable and charismatic teacher, Zuiken's exuberant expositions of the teaching of Shinran attracted a large following, and there soon developed a widespread affection for him as a compassionate and lucid thinker.

Zuiken published more than twenty books in English and Japanese. Indeed, he was one of the first Jodo Shinshu teachers to reach out to the English-speaking world. He also edited and published - posthumously - Rev. Katura’s great masterpiece, Kyogyoshinsho Taikei, which is a commentary of Shinran Shonin's major work.