Kanji for Muryoko

'Infinite Light'

Journal of Shin Buddhism





The following thirteen articles are primarily expositions of the first thirteen hymns in the main part of Shinran's Jodo Wasan (Hymns of the Pure Land). Each of them, however, is complete in itself, while maintaining contextual connections with others. These articles are intended to bring close to our hearts Shinran's deep and mature religious feelings blended with his profound insight into Amida's subtle law of salvation. The thirteen hymns centre on Amida's twelve lights, which are distinguished in the Larger Sutra as manifesting different natures and functions of the Light. Taken as a whole, they describe Amida as the Buddha of Infinite Light.

Shinran, while faithfully following his predecessors, the Seven Masters of India, China and Japan, revealed the universal and transcendent principles of reality and truth underlying their teachings. This principle is 'the Other Power'. He found that what really exists in the universe is Amida, the Infinite, and his sphere of activity - the Pure Land, and what is at work in the ultimate sense is the Power which Amida embodies - the Other Power. What, then, is 'I' and what is 'mine'?

Shinran gives new dimensions of meaning to life and helps us to find the course we need to take. I hope that these articles will serve as a guide for everyone.

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